Affiliated Companies

North Food Group has a number of affiliated companies that are engaged in its business:

Everspring Enterprises

Everspring specializes in food processing and distributes food products to the retail and food service industry. Everspring is a full line company mainly engaged in products such as beef, pork, poultry, seafood, fish, grain, oil, canned goods, paper goods, dry goods, kitchenware, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Everspring has its own fleet of trucks to deliver to surrounding states, and it serves customers nationwide through common carriers.


Delco Inc. dba Green International

Delco is the leading PND shrimp importer in the US market. Delco also imports tilapia, basa, salmon, Pollock, and other fish from all over the world.


KOT Wholesale

KOT is one of the leading food distributors in Texas, utilizing its own fleet to deliver and distribute meat, poultry, and seafood products to the retail and food service industry.


Southwest Processors

Southwest is a USDA inspected poultry and pork processing plant that produces over thirty million pounds of processed poultry and pork products annually. Southwest also engages in further processing including marinating beef and chicken products for chain restaurant usage.

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