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North Food Group is a significant presence in the Texas agricultural industry, which is one of the most global and advanced agricultural products and ranching areas in the world producing and processing food products that feed much of the United States and the rest of the world. Texas is also an important logistics and supply chain hub for agricultural products.

Located in Dallas,North Food Group is at the epicenter of this important agricultural region. North Food Group leverages its fortuitous location to produce and deliver reliable, safe, healthy, premium quality food at competitive prices around the world. By integrating what it learns daily from real-time market research and involvement, and continuously developing and improving its technology and operations, North Food Group is able to serve its customers’ needs in food processing, distribution, and import and export.


We are able to procure products from and deliver products to countries and regions around the United States and the world.

North Food Group is proud of its ability and lengthy track record of bringing top quality food products and service to each of its customers worldwide. North Food Group’s commitment to quality products and customer service is reflected in the food that it touches that reaches the tables of millions of people every day.

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