Code of conduct

At North Food Group, we believe in and live in our daily business lives some very basic principles that guide our business conduct:

  1. Source, process, store, and distribute food that is healthy, fresh, tasty, and good to eat.
  2. Respect our customers and their time.
  3. Market responsibly.
  4. Treat our people and those we interact with or affect fairly.
  5. Respect the free market, compete fairly, and avoid insider trading, bribery, and other conduct that affect the free market.
  6. Follow all applicable laws.
  7. Respect the environment.
  8. Keep accurate books and records.
  9. Deal with the government respectfully.
  10. Give North Food Group our complete business loyalty.

We expect our employees, suppliers, and contractors to respect these principles as they conduct their work every day.

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